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Jodi L. Bair Jodi L. Bair:  Owner

   Jodi has been grooming since 1985, she began her apprenticeship in Northborough, MA under the tutelage of Joyce Sandberg and Carol Braithwaite, working part-time after school and summers at “Dog Country.” After 2 ½ years Joyce sold her successful business to the Northborough Veterinary Clinic, where Jodi continued learning and honing her skills under the watchful eyes of Liz Harris.  In 1990 Jodi was finally ready to venture away from the place she called home and found a place at the newly acquired Skipton West in Framingham, which had recently been purchased by Skipton in Boston.  She quickly moved up in the ranks and after working for several months in Boston, was given the job of Manager and sole groomer in Framingham.  Before long, as the business grew she found Joanne Jutras and Tracey Havener to help with the increasing client base, and in 2003 she decided the time was right to purchase the Framingham location from Skipton.

   In 2005 Jodi gave birth to her first daughter “Devon” who continues to accompany her to work daily and serve as the official greeter in the store.

  Jodi Graduated with Honors from Holy Name CCHS in Worcester and now lives in Northborough where she cares for her mother’s dachshund “Luna.”


TraceyTracey B. Havener:  Groomers Assistant

   Tracey has been a grooming assistant with Skipton West now for more than 8 years.  She began her career with dogs back in 1988 while on summer break from The University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  Tracey found a job working at a veterinary clinic/ Kennel, and almost immediately felt a calling to work with animals, so much for the French Major!  She was lucky to find a groomer who had the time to provide her with on the job training in the field of pet grooming, and taught her art of brushing, bathing, and blow drying dogs.  During her long career she also gained valuable experience assisting at a veterinary Clinic, helping with vaccinations, x-ray development, and other office duties. Tracey lives in Ashland with her husband Larry, and their 3 year old Papillon, Rufus, who is truly a social butterfly.  The three of them enjoy cruising the dunes of the Cape in Larry’s Dune buggy, where Rufus is trying to live up to his predecessor’s legacy “Connie the dune buggy dog!” The title the Maltese held firm for 13 years.