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Skipton West is a full service Dog grooming Salon.  

*      All dogs are treated to a full brush-out, including de-shedding, or de-matting, using an array of tools to remove as much of the dead hair as possible and reduce shedding in your home.  If additional time is required there may be an additional charge by the hour.

*      A pedicure

*      Ear cleaning, and on dogs with excessive hair growth in the ear canal, the hair is removed from the ear canal first.

*      Two massaging shampoo’s using high quality PH balanced shampoo for dogs, or a fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic shampoo is also available at no additional charge.

*     All dogs are treated to a moisturizing Cream rinse.

*      After a thorough dry all dogs are brushed out again, and finished to the standard of the breed, or to the owner’s specifications. 


More on Brushing:  

     When a dog leaves Skipton it leaves its mats and dead hair behind.  We use de-shedding and de-matting tools to remove as much dead hair as possible from every dog, we do not charge extra for this unless the dog is extra hairy and it takes us extra time!!!  The average dog takes an experienced groomer 15-20 minutes to brush-out when it is in good shape.  Any dogs that take longer will still be completely brushed out, for an additional charge, unless other options have been discussed with the owner first.


More on Drying:
    Right now there is a lot of controversy about cage drying dogs; unfortunately it is a necessary evil.  However like most things if it is done properly there is nothing wrong with the process.  Many short haired dogs or older dogs don’t do well with the amount of time it takes to hand dry them, and will dry quicker and safer in a cage.  Skipton is a very small shop and WE DO NOT HAVE A SEPARATE DRYING ROOM; therefore, all dogs are being dried within sight of the groomers.  They are constantly monitored and the dryers are continually rotated to most efficiently dry the most dogs, in the least amount of time.