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            We offer a wide variety of shampoo options from which to choose.  

For most dogs we use a deep cleaning shampoo by Bark to Basics, PH balanced and made from the finest quality of vegetable, fruit and herbal extracts with a fresh apple scent.
 Our Hypo-Allergenic shampoo is also a product by Bark to Basics, also PH balanced, and made with no fragrances or dyes to reduce the chance of irritation for pets with sensitive skin.

The cream rinse we use is Coat Magic Conditioner made by Sal Professional Groomer; it does a great job of conditioning and re-moisturizing the coat without weighing it down.

On White dogs we use a whitening shampoo by Bark to Basics, to brighten white coats.

Shampoo’s offered for an additional fee:

 We charge extra for these shampoos because they either can’t be diluted as much or at all, and they must stay on the skin for 5-10 minutes.

We charge extra for these shampoos because they either can’t be diluted as much or at all, and they must stay on the skin for 5-10 minutes.
+ $10.00
          La pooch for female or Le pooch for male dogs, is a super fragranced shampoo for those who like their dogs smelling good for the longest period of time.
Oatmeal shampoo, a specially formulated shampoo to help reduce itching and redness  on dogs with allergies 
     Baking Soda Shampoo, Also helps reduce itching, and redness but has the added feature of helping to reduce odors. 
     Coat Handler Conditioner, for dogs with extra dry skin, this is a deep penetrating moisturizing conditioner. 
     Chlorhexidine Shampoo, this is a great antiseptic shampoo for dogs with more severe skin problems. 
     Nova Pearls Tar Shampoo, Great for dogs with moist skin irritations, such as, “Hot Spots”      

For + $15.00 we offer the premium Hot Oil Therapy, by Wonder Coat.  This is a special procedure beginning with a special cleansing shampoo help open the pours, followed by a super rich conditioning treatment.  Once the dog is completely rinsed a precise mixture of oil and emulsifier is warmed and distributed over the entire coat and left there to soak into the skin.  This treatment works wonders in the winter when many dogs suffer from the dry heat in your house; as well to sooth many other skin irritations such as flea bite dermatitis.  

Flea Shampoo……. + $20.00……….

            We only use flea treatments on dogs with fleas, and any dog we see fleas or evidence there of we will give a flea shampoo to and the charge added to the grooming.  We use a Pyrethrin based shampoo that is left on the dog for 10-15 minutes.  It will kill any fleas on the dog but it does not give any lasting protection, against re-infestation.  We highly recommend you treat your house and your car while you pet is at the salon, and follow up with high quality spot-on treatments that can be purchased at your vet’s office. 

De-Skunking………+$25.00 and up……….

            Despite claims by many products that they remove skunk odor, unless these products are used immediately after spraying while the animal is still wet, their effectiveness is limited.  We will bathe the dog as many times as it takes to get as much of the odor out as possible.  Most of the time when the dog is dry the odor is undetectable, however if the dog gets wet you still may smell it a little, for up to 6 months.  The final price depends on how many shampoo’s we do. 

 We are also more than happy to use any special products on your dog that are prescribed by your vet and provided by you, we charge an additional $5.00, just for the extra time the dog spends in the tub.